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We bring meaningful investment experience, a diverse support network and a committed partnership to enable founders of all kinds to realize their vision.

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  • All Aboard logo

    All Aboard

    Solving the user experience of international train travel. Easily explore, plan & travel sustainably by train.

    • Industry Travel
    • Year 2020
    • City Stockholm
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  • Astrid logo

    Astrid Education

    Combining storytelling with an engaging AI-powered learning journey to help kids and teens around the world become fluent, confident English speakers.

    • Industry Education
    • Year 2021
    • City Stockholm
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  • Beauty Disrupted logo

    Beauty Disrupted

    A beauty brand free of plastics & harsh ingredients in Soap bar format. Each bar replaces at least 2 plastic bottles. Designed in Stockholm and consciously crafted in the South of France.

    • Industry Beauty
    • Year 2021
    • City Stockholm, Grasse
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  • Beckley Psytech logo

    Beckley Psytech

    Dedicated to helping patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by developing a pipeline of psychedelic compounds into licensed pharmaceutical medicines.

    • Industry Healthcare
    • Year 2020
    • City London
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  • Big Atom logo

    Big Atom

    A clean recycling company creating a circular economy for polymer materials, creating new life for hard-to-recycle plastics.

    • Industry Recycling
    • Year 2019
    • City London
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  • Buddywise logo


    Enabling traditional industries to automate safety surveillance through computer vision and monitoring of critical scenarios through video images.

    • Industry Safety tech
    • Year 2020
    • City Berlin
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  • logo

    The leading online destination for playing, learning and watching chess.

    • Industry Online gaming
    • Year 2021
    • Country USA
  • Contingent logo


    A Saas tool for a quick, complete, up‑to‑date analysis of suppliers

    • Industry Supply chain Saas
    • Year 2021
    • City London
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  • Cloop logo


    Aiming to convert single-use packaging to circular packaging based on the aluminum can and the deposit return system.

    • Industry Packaging
    • Year 2020
    • City Stockholm
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  • Flowery logo


    Bringing cut flowers to the door of your home and office in a sustainable way, as a subscription service.

    • Industry Subscription services
    • Year 2019
    • City Stockholm
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  • Freshsound logo


    Automating the process of music sync for content creation.

    • Industry Music tech
    • Year 2020
    • City Stockholm
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  • Ketonico logo


    A company committed to healing humanity through better food choices.

    • Industry Food/nutrition
    • Year 2021
    • City Barcelona
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  • Klarna logo


    Payment solution provider.

    • Industry Payment solutions
    • Year 2018
    • City Stockholm
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  • LALA Plants logo

    LALA Plants

    Bringing high-quality plants smoothly to your doorstep with home delivery, creating green environments for us to feel good.

    • Industry House plant delivery
    • Year 2021
    • City Stockholm
    Visit LALA Plants
  • Memory logo


    Specializes in crafting software that makes companies more productive, including an AI-based time-tracking and planning tool as well as helping to solve for deep work planning.

    • Industry Productivity SaaS
    • Year 2021
    • City Oslo
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  • Insights logo


    Giving people access to expert insights and key learnings from tldr, talks and podcasts by world renowned health & wellness thought leaders, in just a few swipes.

    • Industry Health & Wellness
    • Year 2019
    • City Stockholm
  • Mojo logo

    Mojo Fertility

    Creating the future of fertility care using AI and robotics. Accessible, affordable and reliable preemptive care.

    • Industry Health tech
    • Year 2021
    • City Lyon
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  • Odetta logo


    Helping individuals buy and sell used cars safely and at a fair price as well as managing every step of the process.

    • Industry Marketplace
    • Year 2021
    • City Mexico City
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  • Producers Market logo

    Producers Market

    Pioneering transparent food value chains. Producers Market facilitates direct market linkage to empower farmers and incentivize regenerative farming.

    • Industry Regenerative farming
    • Year 2022
    • City San Francisco
    Visit Producers Market
  • Pet Media Group logo

    Pet Media Group

    The leading operator of online marketplaces for pets and horses.

    • Industry Marketplace
    • Year 2019
    • City Stockholm
    Visit Pet Media Group
  • SeenThis logo


    Shaping the future of screen experiences through streaming. A unique technology platform that disrupts the efficiency for the display of digital content.

    • Industry Ad-tech
    • Year 2018
    • City Stockholm
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  • Storstad Properties logo

    Storstad Properties

    Property development with a focus on delivering well-located, good-quality rental apartments in London.

    • Industry Property development
    • Year 2020
    • City London
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  • Swiss Organic Partners logo

    Swiss Organic Partners

    Striving to improve life by making high quality, Swiss made cannabinoid products accessible to everyone, both in the wellbeing and the medical cannabis market.

    • Industry Cannabis
    • Year 2021
    • City Zurich
    Visit Swiss Organic Partners
  • TalentUp Africa logo

    TalentUp Africa

    Connecting people and organisations with an efficient and objective recruitment platform, in Nigeria and across the African continent.

    • Industry Recruitment
    • Year 2020
    • City Lagos
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  • Three Spirit logo

    Three Spirit

    Designing a functional & healthier booze alternative. Plant scientists and bartenders working for happier and healthier ways to socialise.

    • Industry Non-Alc beverages
    • Year 2018
    • City London
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  • Wild Immersion logo

    Wild Immersion

    Providing educational, ethical and ecological 360° VR entertainment of wild animals and their natural habitats.

    • Industry Education
    • Year 2020
    • City Paris
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Our approach

We build supportive partnerships with founders

We take a personal and value-driven approach to investment and work to ensure our partnerships are a true meeting of minds - not just your business plan.

We combine an extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors with years of strategic experience to help drive your business forward.

Our office is in Stockholm but we spend our time wherever inspiring people and ideas may be.

Some of our founders
Who we invest in

Founders that see the world differently

We seek passionate, thoughtful teams who are finding unconventional solutions to common problems.

We are sector agnostic and invest in businesses in a wide range of industries – from Ad-tech to consumer goods, ecommerce to property development.

Who we are

Aligned is an investment vehicle sprung out of our shared joy for entrepreneurship. We also believe it is possible, as an investor, to promote positive change not only for companies but for communities of all sizes.

Aligned was founded in 2019 by two childhood friends, Eric Carlson Rydman and Christian af Jochnick.

Before we were called Aligned, you might have heard of us as 183 Invest. Same company, same team.

Portrait of Eric Carlson Rydman

Eric Carlson Rydman

Managing Director

Eric handles the day-to-day operations of aligned, supporting the portfolio and scouting for new investments.

Before aligned, Eric held senior commercial and strategic positions at Spotify. Prior to that, he was a Corporate Finance Advisor specialising in M&A at Stockholm-based Access Partners.

Portrait of Christian af Jochnick

Christian af Jochnick

Founding Partner

After starting his career at Goldman Sachs in London followed by his own stint as a start-up co-founder, Christian entered the venture space and has been supporting entrepreneurs since 2013.

He currently supports a range of social and environmental initiatives as a board member of the Af Jochnick Foundation. His main personal passion is the role plant medicines and regenerative agricultural can play in helping us transform our societies.

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